Take a Look at This Water Jeep®

September 11th, 2018 by


If you have ever dreamed of driving to the beach and then driving right into the water without getting out of your car, this innovative water Jeep® is what you need. While it technically is not a Jeep®, it sure looks like one. The WaterCar Panther has the classic styling of a Wrangler minus the iconic grille.

The Panther, which is built in Fountain Valley, California, functions as both a car and a boat. With just the flip of a switch, it can raise its wheels and push itself through the water. It is powered by a 305-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine. This gives it a top speed in the water of 45 mph.

Watch this cheesy promotional video to see it in action.

As you can see, the Panther looks like a ton of fun. Not only does it work as an on-road vehicle, but it can tackle some sand dunes and waves. Imagine being able to head to the beach or lake and not have to worry about hitching up your boat or docking it.

If you’re interested in the Water Panther, it will set you back a cool $172,000. If you factor in the cost of a new boat, a trailer, and a vehicle to tow it, it could even out in the end. If you’d prefer something a bit more conventional but no less exciting, look no further than our selection at Paulding CDJR.

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