Summer Road Trip Gadgets You Simply Must Have

August 15th, 2018 by


Road trips are a blast, but dealing with the inconveniences of the open road is not. Here are a few simple yet spectacular road-trip gadgets to invest in this summer that will help you make the absolute most of your next cross-country jaunt.

Multiport USB charger

Arguing over who gets to charge their phone next is never a pleasant experience, and multiport chargers make that a thing of the past. The Belkin Road Rockstar, for example, offers two front-seat USB charging ports in addition to a backseat extension to charge two more devices from the rear.

Key finders

There’s nothing worse than being totally ready to hit the road and then not being able to find the keys. Solve that annoyance with a simple key-finder device; Tile devices, for example, are both highly affordable and highly rated by consumers. With Tile and other key-finders, you simply attach the device to your keyring and locate your missing keys using the corresponding smartphone app.

Cooler and warmer

Want a warming coffee beverage in the morning but an ice-cold soda pop in the afternoon? Don’t add an extra item to your list of road trip gadgets, just get a dual cooler and warmer that can do it all! With a double-duty cooler and warmer, you’re all set for your next trip, no matter what season you take it in.

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