New Fingerprint Car Technology Promises to Secure Your Vehicle

November 3rd, 2018 by


Looking for the latest in vehicle security? Synaptics has released a new system that would require your fingerprint to not only open the vehicle door, but also to start the engine. This innovative technology will be paired with other vehicle security systems to help you keep your car safer from thieves. Without your fingerprints, criminals won’t be able to enter the car, let alone start it.

Upgraded Security

According to the Detroit Free Press, one of the major reasons automakers are looking towards fingerprint car technology to keep vehicles safe is because criminals have started hacking key fob signals. In many new cars, you can simply enter the vehicle and use the push-button system as long as the fob is in your pocket. However, some criminals can buy technologies that allow them to mimic key fobs, entering your car and driving away without the key.

How Would It Work?

The new fingerprinting system will operate much like it does on a range of new smartphones. You simply save your fingerprint information, and the vehicle will only open and start when your finger is present. Some companies are also exploring facial recognition and retinal scanning systems to keep customers safe.

“This technology will be used in cars in two to four years,” said Godfrey Cheng, corporate vice president for Silicon Valley-based Synaptics. “Driver identification will be revolutionary.”

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